Englisches Theater

2017 Musisch-kultureller Kurs (Oberstufe)

One of the most fulfilling activities at the HSAKA is certainly the “English Theatre MukK.” A written play has to be changed into actions, imaginations, emotions, last but not least into a vision.
In a rather short period of time you take part in a remarkably fast progress of creating a play. That is fun!

Rehearsals every day, adapting your part and filling it with character, watching each other getting better from day to day. Problems must be solved with a bit of good will.

We are anxious to see how everything starts and how this project will end. The question is: ”What is it all about?” Dream and reality often o apart and sometimes a person gets greedy or wants to be noticed and fights with all his or her energy and will stop at nothing to achieve that the dream comes true. On a Party we’ll get to know the solution.


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